James B. Schultz

Vice President of Customer Solutions at ECA Medical

Jim Schultz has been the VP of customer solutions at ECA Medical for the past 12 years. He has positioned ECA as the leading designer and manufacturer of single-procedure precision torque-limiting instruments and complete sterile packed, surgery-ready procedural kits for the medical device implant industry including expansion into the ortho and spine market. ECA collaborates with medical implant firms to help them gain clinical and economic value and competitive advantage with surgery-ready instrumentation and procedural kits, which convert cost centers into profit centers. ECA products allow hospitals and outpatient surgery centers to reduce cost per surgery while improving OR efficiency and turnover, curbing SSI risk and providing perfect fixation of every implant. Before joining ECA Medical, Schultz was VP of sales & marketing at PBS Biotech, which develops innovative, lab-to-production, single-use bioreactors for producing large molecule/biomolecular drugs and vaccines. Earlier, he was EVP and GM of Jabil, heading the global power electronics business with operations in the U.S., India, China, and Europe. Over the past 30 years, he’s held a variety of senior executive positions at start-ups to Fortune 500 software, hi-tech, defense, and international trading companies including Whittaker Corporation, MSC Software, Peninsula Int’l Trading, and EOS Corp. He was also with the Dept of Defense and other U.S. agencies where he worked on America’s military space programs, was instrumental in creating Space Command (now Space Force), and helped make Navstar GPS a household name. He is an Air Force veteran and a senior member of IEEE.

11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Friday November 1, 2024

Considering Sustainability and Recyclability in Business Planning

Materials and manufacturing practices are coming under the microscope by a number of stakeholders, from regulatory agencies to medical device firms. As such, changes are happening in terms of the selection of materials and the avoidance of others (such as PFAS). Meanwhile, waste is gaining greater attention and solutions are in demand. This session will look at the impact of changing needs within the medical device sector with a primary focus on materials, waste, recycling, and sustainability.